HAWKE Transit System

 Hawke Transit System-HTS is a manufacturer of cable and pipe modular sealing systems.
   The company has over 30 years experience in Product Development,System Design,Supply and Installation and has supplied major projects in a variety of industries around the world. The Hawke Transit System was first developed over 25 years ago to meet the harsh and hazardous demands of the North Sea Oil Industry. It has since developed for use in many diverse industries.
  As a fire barrier it is a means to maintain the integrity of a firewall, bulkhead or deck through which cables, pipes and other services pass. It will also seal against and exhibit resistance to: Water, Gas, Smoke, Vermin, Radiation,Chemicals, Explosion, Ultra Violet Light, EMC and exhibits Noise attenuation properties. 

website: http://www.hawke-hts.com/

SELMA Automation

Valve Remote Control Systems
Tank Level Gauging Systems (Cargo Oil Tanks/Ballast Tanks)
Power Factor Simulation Analysis Stations
Engine Room Monitoring and Alarm Systems
Marine Boiler Automatic Control Systems
Cargo Oil Tanks Vapour and Manifold Pressure Systems
Cargo Holds Water Ingress Detection Systems
Dewatering Systems
Main Engine Remote Control Systems
Atmospheric Oil Mist Detection Systems
Anemometer Recorders
VDR Voyage Data Recorders
BNWAS Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm Systems
Ship Energy Efficiency Systems

website: http://www.selmacontrol.com/


icotek GmbH is a privately held company in the icotek group. Founded in 1995, it defines itself as an innovative leader in cable management and EMC-technique. An extensive sales network ensures worldwide availability of the products. Close contact with business partners contributes significantly to the development and success of icotek GmbH.  Interacting with customers in various markets and icotek’s willingness to implement and share innovative ideas are reflected in the success of the company.

website: http://www.icotek.com/