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Low and medium voltage AC and DC  alternator and motor rewinding process upto 3000 kW. 
  •  Assisting for dismantling and mounting of the structure to the place.

  •  Fault detection .

  •  Following company process , which detaily mentioned at the ISO 9001

  •  Get drawing of the defective device for rewinding.

  •  Dismantling of coils and isolation materials.

  •  Rewinding of coils.

  •  Isolating coils with well known equipment .

  •  Mechanical inspection and repair of rotor , stator , covers , housings etc..

  •  Sand Blasting of the surface. ( optional )

  •  Painting of the surface ( optional )

  •  Assembling of new bearing.

  •  Voltage , current , isolation and vibration test.  


  • According to requirement of project , full automation or manuel.
  • Low voltage switch boards up to 1000V.
  • Generator protections, Load depending start stop, load shedding, auto synchronizing, load sharing, blackout start, KVAR sharing.
  • Certified from breaker to cable tie.
  • Special design to different combination of generators. 
  • PTO/PTI combinations.
  • Variable revolution shaft alternator system.
  • Tailor made solutions.
  • Copper and coated busbar.



  • Tailor made console design for every type of vessel.
  • 2 mm galvanized steel construction.
  • Easily reachable device locations.
  • Well marked terminal design.
  • Illuminating inside.
  • Large scale color alternatives.
  • Special offshore , DP , fishing vessel variations.
  • IP 22 protection ratio.
  • Navigation consoles, ECR consoles, Cargo control consoles, Wing consoles, Radar and Ceeling consoles, Valve control consoles.


  • 440/400V, 220/110V, 24V AC and DC source.
  • Insulated from live conductors.
  • Cleared identify covered class rules.
  • Well know electrical units.
  • Special design for GMDSS.
  • Insulation fault system for 24V DC cabinets.
  • Consumption and voltage indicator.


  • Every control voltage level.
  • With or without class requirement.
  • Certified frequent control device with VACON controller.
  • Climate control cabinets.
  • Very low harmonic distortions.
  • Programmable user friendly design.
  • Multiple Console panel.
  • Suitable for Dynamic Position system.
  • 22 kW to 100 kW tested model.
  • More than 100 kW need to design.
  • Only Control system can be provided.


  • Scada system design for requirements.
  • Alarm monitoring system design for under 500 gtn, manned vessels.
  • Fan monitoring system for live fish carriers.
  • Yacht control system, include valve, MSB, pomps and alarms.
  • Redundancy for CPU.
  • Galvanized protected I/O modules.
  • Phoenix or smilar type of contolers.
  • Distributed I/O sistem can be possible.
  • Crane automation system experience.
  • Can be programmable for alarm system up to 8 input.


  • Redundant power supply.
  • Between units 2 core cable for reducing cabling costs.
  • Communication error signal.
  • Very easy installation ability.
  • Power failure alert.
  • Input voltage can be selectable at the orders.
  • Led indication.
  • PLC based system, modules consist of 2 or 3 unit (Wheel house ,ECR , Engine Room)
  • Alarm system output.
  • Long testing experience.


  • Flexible range current output (25A-75A-125A)
  • Suitable for parallel  operations for generators.
  • Drop function.
  • Current transformer drop functions.
  • Suitable for 220 V, 380 V, 400 V and 440 V altenators.
  • Frequency level cannot be affecting to creation of voltage.
  • Ideal speed protections. 
  • Fuse protection for output.
  • External voltage adjustment.


  • Up to 690 V motors.
  • Direct, star delta, soft starter, auto transformer and frequency converter.
  • Auto start or remote start function.
  • Efficiency mode selection.
  • Working only according to demand.
  • With drawable chassis design according to customer request.
  • External and internal fault indication.
  • Remote control opportunities.
  • High protection for high current, and short circuit current.
  • According to demands other protection requirements.


  • Redundant power supply.
  • Customized gravur plate 
  • Special design for tugboat and others.
  • Power failure and broken bulb alarm.
  • Audible and external contact output.
  • Input voltage can be selectable at the orders.
  • Current relay or PLC based solutions.
  • Suitable for case by case approvals.
  • Led indication.
  • Special naval system solutions.


  • Lighting and shore connection purpose.
  • Up to 100 kW.
  • Very few voltage drop at maximum loads.
  • Not needed forced cooling.
  • Oven dried varnish.
  • IP 23 or more for demand.
  • Full isolated primer and seconder.
  • Variand voltage level according to customer requirement.